Lip Tattooing

The Benefits of lip tattooinG ARE COUNTLESS

It is a lovely way to restore the look of natural colour to the lips or the look of a favourite lipstick.

It is also great for redefining the lip border for anyone who has experienced a loss of definition due to lip fillers, ageing, smoking or scarring.  Colours are 100% customised to suit each individual at their appointment, the treatment is relatively painless with our pre-care followed and healing time is less than a week! Depending on the style it can last between 2-5yrs.


Borderless (most natural effect with no full shape correction) or Aqua lip with a border (natural lip tint with soft shape enhancement)

A very popular lip treatment that just softly enhances the natural colour of the lip to offer more of a tint to the lip and slightly adjust the natural colour. The tattooing is more pixelated on the lip leaving more of the natural lip colour coming through the tattoo. This can be done with a soft border to help create a little bit of extra shape and fullness or without to leave it looking more undetectable.


(more colour deposited on the outline and concentrated towards the edges with a softer faded inner part of the lip)

Ombre lip tattoo enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them a boost of color and shape.  It is an extremely popular semi-permanent make up treatment providing a pop of color as well as defining the lip contours. An ombre lip tattoo is a combination of lip border seamlessly blended into lip color that softly fades off into the centre. This can help create more definition, correct some asymmetry in the lips and help them look fuller.


A Full lipstick look (very concentrated colour)

This can be done with any colour however the saturation of the colour is heavy to completely cover the lip. This will also have a defined shape to help balance an uneven lip shape or for someone wanting to create a little more volume in the lip shape. This is for someone who is looking to wake up and go with their lipstick in place! No more lipstick stains!


Aqua Lip $750
Ombre Lip $750
Full Lip $795
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