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We want you to be as confident and comfortable as possible when booking an appointment with us. So we have tried to answer as many of the questions you may below. 

The main difference is that the pigment isn’t deposited as deep into the skin therefore isn’t permanent like a full tattoo, and will fade overtime. The longevity of the tattoo is influenced by each individuals skin type, and their skincare routine (AHA use, tanning, Glycolics will fade it faster)


We are all about getting the brow to look as similar to what your natural brow should look like. Prior to treatment we will outline, measure and pencil on a brow shape and choose the most suitable pigment colour. We will take into consideration the most appropriate shape and colour to suit your specific facial features, natural brow line, skin tone, hair colour and your desired brow shape and colour. 


6 weeks to see the true healed colour and result. At that time we perform the initial touch up (this service is included in your initial booking payment) to make sure the colour and style is correct. Then we dont need to do anything until we see you again for refresh, anywhere from 1 to 3 years later.

We do use a very good numbing cream so there is not much felt at all. Towards the end of the treatment you may feel some slight discomfort, so please be prepared to feel something.

Listed here are some of things to make us aware of.  When you book we do send through a thorough consultation form so we can check on any contraindications. This list below does not mean you cannot have tattooing but we need to be aware so we can make an informed decision and make sure you understand how it may affect your brows.

It is important to inform us:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding   (X)  (we cannot tattoo)
  • Planning to fall pregnant
  • If you are under the age of 18 years of age (X) (we cannot tattoo)
  • Taking medication (of any kind)
  • Have any known medical conditions
  • Planning to have Cosmetic Surgery
  • Suffer from keloid scarring
  • Suffer from severe allergies
  • Any internal and/or external factors that you think may effect the tattooing procedure
  • Have any skin conditions, especially around the brow area, for example, dermatitis or congestion/breakouts in or around the eyebrow

Most definitely not! We want to use as much of your natural hair as possible to keep your brows looking as real and natural as possible. We place the tattoo hair strokes alongside your natural hair to mimic the natural hair and make them look fuller, 0r team this with shading if the hair is very sparse.

We offer 2 different types of pigment. One lasts longer than then the other and we discuss which is best for you at the appointment. As a general rule the tattooing can be touched up again between 12mths and 3years 

Swelling and redness is minimal and usually subsides within 24 hours

Immediately after, the area will appear bolder in colour and sharply defined. This can take approx. 1-2 weeks for the colour to settle.

There may be visible peeling/flaking for approx. 1-2 weeks

The skin takes 4-8 weeks to heal at a cellular level and for the true pigment colour to settle

You may feel itching in the eyebrows. Do not scratch the area. 

This will NOT prevent working or socialising.


Yes we do. We offer afterpay and zippay. Please visit their websites and create an account prior to coming for your appointment.

The ingredients are listed under each product item individually

No they are not, there is parts of crush shell in some of the mineral products and some beeswax in the lipstick, however they are all cruelty free!

Emily Wilson Cosmetics strives to ensure that all deliveries are received in perfect condition. If however, you are unsatisfied please contact enquiries@emilywilsoncosmetics.com within 24 hours and we will endeavour to correct the issue in a timely manner. The cost of returning damaged or faulty goods is the responsibility of the purchaser. Emily Wilson Cosmetics does not offer refunds for change of mind. Credits or replacements are only offered in instances where items are faulty, damaged or incorrectly selected by our packing and shipping team. All incorrectly shipped items remain the property of Emily Wilson Cosmetics and must be returned at no cost to the unintended recipient. We advise all customers to exercise care when selecting products online as we do not refund or exchange for incorrect colour selections.

We have had a lot of clients with the most sensitive skins change across to Emily Wilson Cosmetics because they have issues with other brands and found our range to not cause any irritation. Emily Wilson Cosmetics lists all ingredients below each product throughout the website however sometimes reactions can still occur. Please contact your doctor if you are concerned. If you feel your reaction is quite extreme we would love to know incase there has been a faulty batch or problem with the product.

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