The lipstick. That one power piece most women have at the bottom of their handbag, even if they don’t use it as often as they want to. It can give a woman confidence like no other beauty product. I’ve posted a few videos showing how I create some of the below tips in the past but I wanted to give you some new ways to get yourself wearing that new (or old lippy) ASAP plus it gives you a great reason to have a few more colours on hand to play with 😉

Lipstick does not just have to be limited to just lips. In fact, almost every makeup artist will testify that lipstick isn’t restricted to just the lips but has multiple uses.

How To: Lipstick as Blush 

Because lipsticks come in such an array of colours there’s always going to be a shade to suit. And as an added bonus if you are going to be wearing a bright lipstick if you use the same shade as your blush you know it will tie your look together seamlessly and takes all the thinking out of the makeup application. 

Using a matte long-wearing liquid lipstick on the lips and then patting on the apples of the cheeks is a great place to start and will stay put and tie your makeup look together. I like to pop a little of the lipstick on the back of my hand then using a blush brush, take a small amount and softly stipple it onto the cheeks. You could leave your look like this and keep it beautiful and natural with just a dewy finish with a BB cream as the base and a coat of mascara or if you wanted a more made up look you can do this all on top of a foundation then to have a more matte finish you can set with a translucent powder or for added longevity you can add powder blush on top to make the colour more opaque. 

Added Bonus: Frosted Lipsticks make a great highlighter! For this pick light nude shades that are sheer and shiny, then with your finger dab onto the tops of the cheek bones, the inner corners of the eyes and cupid’s bow of the lip. 

How To: Lipstick As Eyeshadow

Not something I think a lot of you have probably tried too much but something that can work very well is popping lipstick on as an eyeshadow. How many of you have a neutral lipstick at home that was a little too brown on the wrong nude? Well here is your chance to give it a go on the eye. 

When it comes to getting the balance between colour on the lips and eyes right it would have to be one of my most asked questions as a makeup artist. So why not solve that problem and use your lipstick and create a nice monochromatic look from lips, eye and cheeks with one lipstick. A matte lipstick is best for this look. My picks for this type of look would be something with a warm nude or brown tone especially for those blue-eyed beauties or if you’re brave even step up to a coral. A mauve tone for those green-eyed girls. And those of you with a deep brown eye why not try a plum tone. 

Choosing your favourite soft peach lipstick, or nude brown lipstick and buffing over the lids, on its own, or across the bottom lashline can let that lip colour pop, without you having to go naked on the eyes! Sometimes you may just want to do this on the eye and go bare on the lips. I love to choose a matte lipstick for longevity, but if you want to try a more editorial look you can use a shinier lipstick just use a fine wash of the colour to help avoid any creasing. Using a soft fluffy blending brush will help application. 

Three of my favourite choices are: 
• Unbutton ( as Tara has on above) or lean in for fair skinned blue-eyed beauties or if your game try Sassy 
• Chit Chat or Flannel for Green eyed beauties 
• And those brown eyed beauties…..Hustler 

How To: Blurred Lips

Sounds frightening, but it is actually one of the most flattering ways to wear lipstick, especially if you want to rock a bold lip! And we aren’t talking about blurring the lips onto the face and making a mess, I’m just talking about softening the edges to cut the harshness of a strong lip. This will also have the added bonus of making your lips appear bigger and make the colour look like it belongs on your face. 

Now this can be done with a regular lipstick however I prefer to use the long wearing matte lipstick as it takes out a few steps…plus if you have any pesky little lines to think about 😉 it makes them null and void also. 

If you choose a regular lipstick, you are going to: 
1. Draw in the lip shape with a lip liner first. Pencils have a stronger colour pigment that will and act as a base for the lipstick. Colour the whole of the lip in. 
2. Apply the lipstick over top. If you want these lips to last day into night, do three layers and blot with a tissue and translucent powder between each layer! 
3. Now with either a cotton tip or small eye shadow brush, wipe over the edges of the lip colour like you are rubbing the colour in, not spreading it too far, just softening. This will make is less noticeable if you need a touch up and allow you to eat without stressing about your perfect red lip! 

If you are using a matte lipstick: 
1: using a lip brush create the lip shape with the lipstick and fill it in. Don’t be too concerned with getting this 100% perfect this time, because you need some time to be able to go over the edges and blur before it dries. 
2: Using a cotton tip or clean small brush as above, wipe over the edges of the lip colour like you are rubbing the colour in, not spreading it too far, just softening. 
3: Repeat these 2 steps again so you have the desired lip shape. 

ADDED TIP: Again, don’t forget you can add this colour lipstick you have chosen as your blush to tie it all together x 

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