How to wear a bold lip

So many of my clients and friends come to me and say “I would love to wear “that” bold lipstick but I just can’t pull it off. Hmm, does this sound familiar? Do you tell yourself the same thing? Well guess what you MOST CERTAINLY can wear that bold lip!!

Believe it or not I was just like you! I’m a makeup artist and like you, even I had my comfort zone. It was always chapstick for me because even muted lipsticks freaked me out. I used to overdo my eyes to compensate for my “lipstick insecurities”, but one day, I played and was a little daring. Even if the first few times I was unsure it suited me I persisted and now……. I’m totally a convert.

I would love you to be a convert to! With Spring carnival just around the corner I thought I would help you master that bold lip and be on trend. Melbourne cup is the perfect excuse to start your lipstick journey. Everyone is dressed up to the nines and super colourful because that is what the days style is all about. So join in the fun! I know I will be.


According to Adam LoDolces blog Sexyconfidence.com a study conducted at Manchester University found that a guy would look at a girl with red lips for as much as two to three times longer than if there were no lipstick on the lips. Clearly, your lips are a very sensual area and very attractive to men. There’s a reason why women have been putting on red lipstick for a long time. It’s very effective and it can be a great fashion statement. Most of all, it can create an incredible response from men, making them more attracted to you.

HERE’S AN ADDED BONUS FOR YOU MARRIED LADIES!! – If wearing a bold lipstick means you have your mans attention on your lips for up to 3 times longer, and your husband happens to be like mine and only listens to the first sentence in any conversation,  best bet might be to throw on a Red Lipstick. Hey it’s worth a try! 😉

Bright lips aren’t only for spring racing and getting your husbands attention. How about what is going to one of the most special days of your life, your wedding day. Why not give bright lipstick a go for your engagement party or even your wedding day and really get your man to count his lucky stars. A deep red lipstick is a classic look that will never go out of style. As Marilyn Monroe once said “Being normal is boring” and that woman certainly knew how to wear a bold red lip.

So, down to the nitty gritty, how do you apply and wear the perfect bright lipstick:


Fair skin – blue based, cool tones
Dark complexion – orange based, warm tones, deep reds
Medium Complexion – you’re the lucky one as anything goes.


Obviously cracked or chapped lips won’t make for a polished lip look. Try giving your lips a little exfoliation with your toothbrush or just a face washer and apply a lip balm. Applying the lip balm at the start of your makeup application means it has time to absorb before the lipstick application so that the lip is soft but not slippery which would result in the lipstick sliding off quickly.


You will never be happy with a bold lip if you don’t take the time to do it right. Take your time initially and in time it will get easier as you do it more. Use a lipstick brush to apply and this will help you keep in the lines. If you go out of lines and need to tidy just take a little foundation or concealer on a brush and clean up the edges so they are crisp.


Wear your make up with confidence! Keep the rest of your makeup simple. Keep the eyes soft and neutral and just add some extra bronze and glow to your cheeks to keep it fresh.

Whether its matte, gloss or sheen, enjoy your newfound lipstick freedom!!! 🙂

Emily xx


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Watch the video below for a little bold lip inspiration with my 'Simple Valentines Day look'

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